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We are always trying to improve. So let us know if you have any suggestions to make the charts better, have an idea for a new chart, or even just to make them more user friendly. 

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We know how hard it is to find a good variety of different free hydroponic system design plans. And it's our goal to provide that for you.
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Tips for Growing Plants Successfully in Hydroponics

Hydroponic bell peppers
There's nothing like growing your own fruits and vegetables in your own Hydroponic Garden.

Their are Six Hydroponic System Types

You certainly don't need to use a Daily/weekly Hydroponic system plant growth chart to grow your hydroponic plants successfully. 

We only provide these charts as a easy way for those growers that would like to take the time to log their plants data. Either to try and be even more successful, or narrow down a potential problem

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Using a chart to keep logs of your plants growth can be very helpful in determining the best environment for growing your crops.

 Weather it be things like temperatures and/ or humidity levels, or changes to the water and nutrients. The plants growing conditions will determine how healthy and productive they are in the end.

Daily/weekly Hydroponic system charts

Hydroponic System Plant Chart (page one)

The daily/weekly Hydroponic system chart was designed to cover as many variables as possible, yet not wind up becoming large cumbersome folders that wind up using a ton of paper. By making the charts weekly charts, you can still record daily readings, but only use four sheets of paper per month. Print out page one, then flip the paper over and print page two on the other side. (tip) use a thicker sheet of paper than the standard copy paper for best results. You can do logs for multiple systems, and still keep them all in one three ring binder.

By taking daily records of any changes to your plants, you can see how those changes in the variables affect your plants growth. Then by keeping these daily record charts in one place like a three ring binder, you can easily go back over them later to compare any changes and how it affected the plants growth over time  

Page one of the chart covers most of the environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, but also has a place for recording your nutrient solution variables. Including even if you are using any beneficial microbes in your nutrients, and a spot for special notations.  As well as the nutrient strength if you choose to use a meter to measure them.        
Dwnload plant chart page one in pff.

Daily/weekly Hydroponic system plant growth charts

Hydroponic System Plant Chart (page two)

Page two has space to log your hydroponic system's watering cycles, by logging the water pumps on off times. There is space to notate am and pm next to the time.  For water culture systems that don't use a water pump just note it as N/A. By notating watering cycles you can see if there is a direct connection in the plants growth rate due to increasing or decreasing the watering cycles. 

Lastly, page two also has space for special notations that may not fit on page one. As well as space to write down your conclusions of the week, including comparing it to the previous weeks conclusions and plant growth. That way when you look back over your logs months later, you'll be able to quickly find the relevant information.
Dwnload plant chart page two in pff.

Daily/weekly Hydroponic system plant growth chart page two